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Breeding Village Translator’s corner!

Hi everyone, Dergonu here again!

It has been a while since my last translator’s corner post. We plan on doing these more often from now on though, so there’s more to come!

Today I will be introducing our upcoming game Breeding Village, as well as talk a little about how it was like translating it.

Breeding Village is the shortest game we have done so far, though it also has one of the biggest casts!

There’s lots of hot, mature ladies in this one, and you’re the only one who can help them! You see, they need to get pregnant, and, well… no guys in the village can get it up! Enter, you, the protagonist.

The cast is real fun, with everything from a delinquent, to an overly polite ojou-sama, to a kind and loving widow. And lots more! While the characters are all quite different, they have one thing in common; they want children, and you’re the only one who can help them out with that!

There’s not as much “plot” in this one as the other games we’ve done. It’s very much to the point, though I personally found that quite fun about the game. Your job is quite literally to impregnate the women in the village, so you’re allowed to do anyone, anywhere at any time.

Since the main focus in this game is the fun setting where you can do it with anyone, there’s lots of heroines! They all have a few scenes each, though I don’t want to spoil too much since the game isn’t all that long, so I’ll only introduce a few of the characters, and you can look forward to seeing the rest for yourself in the game.

Megumi, the widow who owns the house you’re staying at in the village. She’s loving and caring, and takes good care of the protagonist from day one. She’s also the first girl you do it with after you arrive in the village.

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Yuka, an adventurous and fun housewife, who you meet while you’re on your way to cool off in the lake. Her playful nature means you won’t be able to get to business that easy. But, if you manage to catch her, maybe you get rewarded~

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Hiroka and Mai. A pair of housewives who you run into at a hot spring. Mai is the seductive older woman type, while Hiroka is a little younger, and a bit clumsy, though plenty lewd. The two make for a good combo, though your visit to the hot spring might not leave you very clean after you spend some time with those two. If anything, you’ll walk out feeling dirtier than you did coming in. But hey, who said that’s a bad thing.

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I’d like to talk a little bit about the translation process now. One thing that I have mentioned before too is that characterization is pretty important to me in my translations. But, this game proved to be quite a challenge on that front. Unlike games like Angel, Devil, Elf and Me! Or Deviant Dungeon, we have fairly limited interactions between the protagonist and the girls, outside of H-scenes. I personally don’t mind this at all, as I think it works well for this game. You are supposed to just move around the village from girl to girl, spreading your seed, after all. But, this does limit me when trying to reflect the girls’ personalities and such in the English text. I did my best, for example trying to use fairly polite terms for Saori, (a very polite, ojou-sama like girl,) and more “rough” language for Hitomi, (a delinquent.) But, at the end of the day, I only had so much to work with. Hopefully it came out alright! One thing is for certain though, the translation came out lewd!

I had a blast translating this, as I find the setting really fun. The fantasy of being able to just do it with anyone, anywhere is one I’d imagine most people have imagined at least once.

The large variety of heroines also made this pretty fun to translate. While it does mean each individual girl will have less screen time, each scene does feel refreshing, as you get new characters mixed in quite often. While I do enjoy single heroine games too, I must admit, I lean more towards games like these, with several heroines, both because they are more fun to translate, and because I just personally enjoy them more.

Breeding Village should hopefully be out soon. It’s one of our shorter titles, like I mentioned, though that does not mean it’s any less enjoyable!
As far as what else I’m working on at the moment, you might have seen me mention a “secret” project a little while ago. Well… stay tuned to find out what that’s all about! Muhaha.

Until next time!